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Most people are aware of the dangers of fast food and poor health that may result over time. McDonald's is cheap and quick, but you'll probably spend a lot more time, energy and money fixing the resulting health problems later in life than if you would've invested the time and money into fruits and vegetables earlier in life.

This same thought process can be applied to our bodies. The majority of people ignore the occasional aches and pains, stiff necks, weekly headaches, and morning back stiffness that they live with. They may do the occasional cheap and quick "fixes" to the problem, such as aspirin or other drugs, or they may ignore it completely until it becomes a crisis that won't go away. Then not only do they suffer, but family and friends may suffer as that person can't walk or drive to community functions, lift children, work a particular job, and the list goes on.

Practice members from around the St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities suburbs embrace the WELLNESS PHILOSOPHY that Dr. Kayla promotes. This particular philosophy is of taking responsibility for our health on a regular basis via a wellness chiropractic lifestyle of eating well, thinking well, and moving well. Through these lifestyle practices, Back to Wellness Chiropractic patients protect their future health by investing the time, energy, and money into their current health.