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Three phases of care exist when one begins a chiropractic corrective program at this St. Paul chiropractic office. They are as follows:

Phase 1: Intensive Corrective Care

Some Back to Wellness Chiropractic practice members present to the office in lessened states of health that may include pain or other symptoms (see some cool testimonials right here!).  During this phase of care, it is not uncommon for patients' spines to require multiple visits of 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks as the nerve system heals as the spine is corrected. The most pain relief a person may experience is usually in this phase of care.

Phase 2: Corrective and Rehabilitative Care

This is the phase of care where practice members are feeling pretty good but most of the health changes are happening in the INSIDE which most people may not feel. These changes include restructuring and healing the spinal ligaments, muscles, and tendons to healthier and stronger positions. This ultimately leads to a stronger nerve system as well.  The frequency of care at this phase is usually 1-2 times per week for 6-8 weeks.

Some people continue to experience pain relief or entire elimination of pain at this phase of care. What surprises most practice members, however, is that any organ challenges such as reflux, digestion issues, allergies, asthma, etc., may improve or even cease entirely in this chiropractic phase.

Phase 3: Wellness and Maintenance Care

Once the spine and nerve system have been corrected and rehabbed, it's important to do regular maintenance like we do on our teeth, cars, and houses. These chiropractic maintenance programs keep your structure strong and ultimately your nerve system and thus your health at their optimal peaks. The wellness frequency usually ranges from 1-4 times per month depending on what your lifestyle is as well as your ultimate health goals.

Practice members may also notice they have overall higher levels of energy, health and well-being; immune systems are also stronger. For example, coworkers and friends may be "sick" around the patients, but the patients themselves will not "get sick."